President Humala: Government defends rule of law, no companies

President Humala: Government defends rule of law, no companies The Head of State called on the political forces and authorities to help restore order in the Arequipa region.

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala called on the political forces, regional and local authorities and the media to help restore order in the Arequipa region to secure investments and continue to promote the development of country.

"This government does not defend companies, this is our nature, it is how we rule; we will defend the rule of law, this must be a policy of unity in the country as well as the policy to boost investment," he told reporters when asked about the strike against the Tia Maria mining project.

The Head of State said that in Arequipa there is still room for dialogue, but stressed that "all sectors have to collaborate, starting with the media, political forces, regional leaders and the central government."

"We call on the authorities of the different branches of government to work together to restore peace because we cannot allow some people, who have ulterior and even criminal motives, stir up protest. We have to be united so that these offenders do not change state policy," he said.

After participating in the Sixth Employment Week 2015, organized by the Ministry of Labor, President Humala said that despite the difficulties in the international arena, Peru maintains an economic growth above the regional average, while generating adequate formal employment.

He said they are currently implementing major infrastructure projects such as the Southern Peru Pipeline, the Talara refinery modernization, the Longitudinal de la Sierra highway, the Metro Line 2, the creation of Technological Innovation Centers, which "will generate a high demand for services and jobs."

Lima, May 14th, 2015.

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President Humala receives credentials of new Algerian Ambassador

President Humala receives credentials of new Algerian AmbassadorPeruvian President Ollanta Humala on Friday received the credentials of newly-appointed Algerian Ambassador to Peru Chakib Rachid Kaid.

Peru and Algeria are members of the South America-Arab Countries (ASPA) and South America-Africa (ASA) fora. The two nations have also exchanged high level visits.

Peru and Algeria established diplomatic relations in 1972, opening later resident Embassies in each countries. They have gradually increased their trade, being Algeria one of the top destinations of our exports to the Arab countries in recent years.

Considering the legal and democratic stability in Peru, Algeria has made its main investment internationally in our country.

Lima, May 8th, 2015.

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President Humala: "Education means great transformation"

President Humala: Education means a great transformation, said Peruvian President Ollanta Humala while noting that Peru, since it is a Republic, opted for mining and Pasco region is a clear example of this. However, he said that the mining activity in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has left environmental liabilities, inequality and social debt; that is why mining has not solved our inequality and poverty problems.

In that vein, the Head of State added that economic growth and exploitation of natural resources have not solved the country's problems for themselves. Therefore, he argued that today we must bet for another resource: the intelligence of young people and their ability to innovate, create and understand science and technology. He said that the ability to produce technology will make us richer, for which we need to pursue education.

President Humala said that one of the main policies of his administration is to change education and stressed that it is the first time in almost 200 years of Republican life that the state dares to exceed the level of 3% of GDP invested in education, injecting an additional 4.2 billion soles into that sector.

He said that figure is invested in the teaching profession, in scholarship programs and in improving the educational infrastructure. He said that currently more than 62,000 young Peruvians benefit from the state scholarship system and we expect to increase that figure to 100,000 beneficiaries in 2016.

The Peruvian leader made these statements after participating in a public event in the province of Oxapampa, Pasco region, prior to his visit to the High Performance School (COAR) in the Chontabamba district.

President Humala said the COAR are centers for the "children of the people", that provide educational and teaching quality and other various benefits like the international baccalaureate, which gives students the opportunity to enter universities across the world.

He added that 13 COAR will be inaugurated nationwide this year and it is expected that the country's 25 regions have these schools by 2016. He said the goal is that there is a COAR in each province.

Lima, May 7th, 2015.

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President Humala: 100 million-sol highway will link Cajamarca provinces

President Humala: 100 million-sol highway will link Cajamarca provincesPeruvian President Ollanta Humala arrived in Cajamarca to visit the district of Santo Tomas de Cutervo, where he inaugurated roadworks and announced the construction of the Cutervo-Cuica highway, which will link the provinces of the region.

"We're going to build this 100-million-sol road to link the region from south to north, because we want a dignified and developed Cajamarca, and we will get it by working with you," he said to the people gathered in the main square of Santo Tomas.

In this context, the Head of State stressed that only the Ministry of Transport and Communications is investing 4.5 billion soles in Cajamarca; apart from the other sectors’ spending on this region.

"I am committed to Cajamarca and identified with its development," said President Humala, while noting that the Central Government is also working to resolve other problems such as sanitation and the installation of optical fiber so that all provinces of Cajamarca have high speed internet.

"We are creating opportunities by tackling the sources of poverty and inequality, especially in the Amazon and the highlands. And we're also investing in education to avoid making poverty something that can be inherited. The State now dares to spend over 3.5% of GDP in the Education sector," he added and invited young people to take advantage of the Beca 18 scholarship program which currently benefits more than 72,000 people.

"And the social policy must be defended by the people. No one should touch social programs. Similarly, the education policy can not go back. It should go ahead together with the productive diversification in order to be a more competitive country," said the Head of State.

Then, President Humala and Transport Minister Jose Gallardo flew over various areas of Cajamarca to monitor the progress of other road projects since that sector in a joint effort with local authorities, is committed to creating a network of paved roads in Cajamarca.

Cajamarca, May 5th, 2015.

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President Humala: Investing in Peru is making a right decision

President Humala: Investing in Peru is making a right decisionHe said that our country can not achieve development without adequate social policy, something that the government is doing.

During the inauguration of the modernization works of the Artisanal Fisheries Quay (DAP) of Paita, in Piura region, Peruvian President Ollanta Humala said that Peru has a positive environment for investment and called upon entrepreneurs to continue betting on the country.

The President said the government is creating the necessary infrastructure to develop markets and is implementing the mechanisms required to make the projects a reality.

"Investing in Peru is the right decision, and that decision should be maintained whether there are cloudy or sunny days because it is the decision to continue building the country's development," he said.

President Humala noted that investment promotion is a joint work between the public and private sectors, the central government and regional and local governments, adding that everyone’s task is to accelerate the implementation of projects in order to not hold back them in legal briefs or in the companies’ desks. "We must all work jointly for Peru to succeed," he said.

The Head of State reiterated that despite the adverse international environment in economic matters, Peru continues to reduce poverty rates as shown by the figures provided by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI). "We have lifted more than one million Peruvians out of poverty, and more than half a million out of extreme poverty," he said.

President Humala added that the social policy implemented by the Government has become the engine that is helping us to rise Peruvians from poverty and extreme poverty situation. He reaffirmed in this regard, that economic growth is important, but if this is not accompanied by efficiency in spending, it is useless.

The President noted that the consolidation that has been given to the existing social programs, added to the newly created by the Government, will allow Peruvians to have greater opportunities for development. "Creating a country of opportunity for all, is the key to success," he said.

Paita, April 24th, 2015.

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